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Team Rep biggest responsibility is to be the main communication link between coaches and the parents for the Team during the season. This person will help with announcements from coaches as well as from Wildcat Youth Football and will assist in organizing a schedule for field responsibilities. This person can also help coordinate carpool if it is needed.

Communication with your Coach will be Key through out the season. You will be a main Channel for informing Coach and Team of all events and information that needs to be shared.


                                     Team Website

After you have agreed to be the team rep. you will have to notify the Board to gain access to the website.  On this page you will be able to create bulletins, post practice schedules and post directions to away games.

 This page should be a “go to” site for your team, where they can retrieve all the information that is needed through out the season. Encourage your team to check the website once or twice a week for updates and upcoming events. This will alleviate you always having to forward e-mails. If practice were to be cancelled short notice, or if there would be change in schedule, then you would e-mail your team at that time.



Important Events



Team/Parent Meeting: after a team has been chosen, most coaches will hold a Parent meeting first night of practice. He will introduce you as the Team Rep and other coaches at that time. This would be an opportunity, to advise parents that most of the information will be coming from “you”….the team rep. They will want to check their e-mail for notices from you on any changes th


Youth Night:



-Youth Night is an evening in September when the youth football players can attend the Varsity game for free if they wear their game jersey or Wildcat Youth Football t-shirt.

-Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising their children.


*With about 1 minute to go in the half, have the coaches and kids head to the north end of the track. Be sure to keep the kids off the field and don’t goof off too much.


*Line up the teams (reverse grade order - 8,7,6,5,4 by color in the following order: black &orange,


*When the announcer says now introducing your future Verona Wildcat football players have the coaches and kids start walking past the stand. This is a general walk. You will need to be at the front of the pack to hear the loud speaker.


*After walking past the stands have the players form a tunnel at the south end gate for when the High School players come out after halftime. The coaches’ chore here will be to walk back and forth in the tunnel to keep the kids organized and to keep the tunnel open until the team comes out. After the high school team comes onto the field, all of the players should return to their seats.




A team or grade banner is needed for this. Line up volunteers or other parents to help or donate supplies

You and the remaining team reps in your grade level may come together to work on a banner for your teams. Wildcat players can walk in the parade behind banner. Each Team need parent volunteers to help in the parade. No candy throwing is allowed. This is a great opportunity for the players to show their team spirit. They can say “The wildcat chant” or any other school spirit, as long as in good taste and in good sportsmanship.


Players must be on good behavior, during the parade.   Remind your team of this please.



END OF SEASON CELEBRATION: 4-7th grade:WYF does not provide trophies or awards. Each team is responsible for setting there own celebration if the Coaches and team want one.

8th:  WYF does hold an end of the season celebration at the PAC with Coach Richardson and awards. They may also set up a team party if they choose


TEAM REP DUITES                                                                 



EXAMPLE #1: Game Stats- you will need to sign on to the website and document the score of your game within 24 hours. This has to be done. You may also add a game stats bulletin to your web page to keep team on track with wins and looses.



EXAMPLE #2:GAME DAY:Halftime Field/Fruit Duty: This is not mandatory but can be done if the team chooses




EXAMPLE #3: Team Roster- You can post your team roster on your home page. Again make a bulletin and be as creative as you wish. Another gesture is to make a roster for Team parents, scorekeeper/announcer, and coaches. Laminating so they aren’t ruined in during the rainy games is always a plus. Again your creativity is the limit. Example: of parent roster! On the Web site please do not list the weight of the players.




Game Duties



Home Game Duties: If you are the first Game of the Day, at any of our home fields you will be responsible for set up. If last Game of the Day you are responsible for tear down and locked up.


  1. There is a lockbox on the fence near the shed. Please contact the League to get the code to the lockbox. This lockbox contains a key for the press box and opens the shed door to retrieve the flag, yard markers , chains, etc.
  2. Use light switch labeled "Scoreboard" located next to fuse box to turn on the power to the scoreboard and press box. If you are the last game, make sure the light switch is off.
  3. There is now a blue container inside the shed that contains extra medical supplies, chin straps, etc.  No one other than board member are allowed in the main shed!
  4. Team Reps and Coaches will set up field.
  5. Both Flags (US and WI) must be up at start of game. Last game of the day, both flags must come down.
  6. First team will set up field and last team will clean up and put everything away.
  7. Throughout the day, make sure the Shed door is closed and do not leave the overhead door open.
  8. NO Children allowed in Press Box. Shed coordinator will have everything needed inside door.
  9. Turn on the Scoreboard in the shed, Flip the switch located between the the electrical box and light control box on right wall as you enter the shed. If scoreboard still does not turn on make sure the switch over on scoreboard pole is on.
  10. Max Capacity-5 Adults in Press Box
  11. No one is Allowed on Steps or Landing of the Press Box, be sure to enforce this rule the city fire marshal prohibits this as it is not safe.
  12. The Music turns on from the top down. Turn off from bottom up.
  13. The I pod has music on it. Can use during pre-game, halftime etc.. Not during any plays. Plug in I pod at the end of the day to ensure it is charged for the next user.
  14. The National Anthem is played at the start of each game. About 2 minutes before Game Time.
  15. The Windows do come out to get a breeze through the press box. Put back windows at the end of the day.
  16. When you leave the press box, make sure it is left clean for the next group. Put all Garbage in the trash.
  17. Microphone is plugged into wall between the two windows, down by electrical plug in.
  18. If Announcing the Game, it is always encouraged to ask the opposing team for there roster. If they don’t have one then Announcer can make call by stating the number and mascot of our opponents play. It is asked that anyone in Press Box has respect for the scorekeeper and clock mng. He/she needs to stay focused on the game to assure the clock and score are being run fairly. NO CELL PHONES PLEASE!
  19. If you are the last game, please make sure everything in press box is off, windows shut and door gets locked! Make sure the flags are taken down and put in shed and the scoreboard is off. After equipment is put away, make sure shed door is locked.


                                          COORDINATING HELP FOR GAMES:


You will need to coordinate parents to work the:


Down Marker (1 parent)


Chains (2 parents)


Halftime Fruit- optional


Water Cooler and or Gatorade- Optional


Scoreboard & clock:


-Clock manager:  it is preferable to find one parent to do this for the season to make training




-Clock manager spotter: Person that assists clock manager reminds to start/stop clock, down, distance, score, announcements over PA


Helpful Tip:


Take your Scorekeeper to meet head Ref before game, introduce him as your scorekeeper and clock manager. Ask the Ref, which ONE of the (two three) Refs he wants your Clock Manager to be in eye contact with. This elevates a lot of miss understanding. In getting this out of the way before the game, there should be no confusion of whose orders he/she is to follow.

Also you may ask the Ref if he would like a count down, if so how long.

You should advise the Refs, that if playing at Connor Field you will be playing the National Anthem. This generally is played two minutes before Game Time. (You will use the PA and ask everyone to rise and face flags next to scoreboards during the National Anthem)

Please pick up all trash and litter after games, be prompt in getting your team off the field when games are over. There is most likely another Game ready to start.

Make sure that no one is parked in front of Shed. This is access for an ambulance if an emergency were to occur.



Away Games :


You will need to coordinate directions to away games, location and directions. Sending out a reminder to your parents, that our bringing halftime fruit and water cooler duty is helpful too. Visit our website for Directions to Opposing Team:  It is helpful to send out directions to away games, however if you are not going to please let parents know the directions are on the website. Another helpful tip is to have Coaches and Team Reps Cell numbers on roster, in case parents need to reach you, or are lost!